Be A Fried Rice Superstar

Fried rice is definitely one of the most appetizing of all comfort foods. Is it easy to prepare? Yes. It can certainly end up less than perfect if you are not careful, though. Gummy, lumpy, unevenly cooked. This video demonstrates a shrimp, beef and mixed vegetable fried rice in a basically Chinese style. Maybe it’s […]

Cheesecake Slice

Stop Ruining Cheesecakes!

Cheesecake, when it’s really good, it’s just so wonderfully luxurious and just plain delicious. Not like those dead wedges at the Thanksgiving buffet or conference center dessert table. A few years ago I was asked to make a pecan cheese pie (a cheese pie being a sort of lazy man’s cheesecake). That didn’t work out so well actually, […]


Finer Flavors Blog Grand Opening Post

This is the B. J. B. Clique Finer Flavors blog. A blog about food, flavors, cooking. It’s where the subject of food and cooking intersects what I like, do and think.  The blog is really about food that I love.  I know what I like. I can have strong opinions about food (“raw oysters, salmon […]