About B.J.B. Clique

B.J.B. Clique is my business, a small batch gourmet and specialty food manufacturer. But what is the 'B. J. B. Clique'? It represents the individual quest for flavors in food that make you think, “this is it!” Like having a really good wine with just the right meal. It’s just an example of one of those flavors. In this case a flavor people seem to either love, or really hate. Why then, it’s the Black Jelly Bean Clique! If you are a lover of that flavor, you’re in the clique!

This blog is not about jelly beans, though. That’s just one example of, for me, one of those outstanding, classic flavors that really satisfy or excite. So the exclusiveness of the clique is being in on the secrets of finer flavors. Black jelly bean haters (hello there!) are just as welcome here. We can agree to agree on another fine flavor instead, whatever it may turn out to be.

Thank you,