Gourmet Mayonnaise

The Great Basic: Mayonnaise & Its Variations

Sandwiches, hamburgers, turkey burgers, dips, and even as an ingredient, I just can’t get by without mayonnaise. I’ve been making my own for a few years now and often make several variations (I promise it is way better than any store bought).Plain old bright white mayonnaise – The basic recipe, using canola oil. Great on everything and as […]


Finer Flavors Blog Grand Opening Post

This is the B. J. B. Clique Finer Flavors blog. A blog about food, flavors, cooking. It’s where the subject of food and cooking intersects what I like, do and think.  The blog is really about food that I love.  I know what I like. I can have strong opinions about food (“raw oysters, salmon […]