Finer Flavors Blog Grand Opening Post

This is the B. J. B. Clique Finer Flavors blog. A blog about food, flavors, cooking. It’s where the subject of food and cooking intersects what I like, do and think.

 The blog is really about food that I love.  I know what I like. I can have strong opinions about food (“raw oysters, salmon and tuna sushi are the food of the gods”). That’s the idea (as a joke…mostly) behind a black jelly bean clique. (“Black jelly beans are pretty much the only jelly bean worth eating.” See?) I also tend be a little obsessive compulsive when I cook or follow a recipe. I want it done ‘right’.  I like what I perceive as quality. Sometimes authenticity (maybe more ‘purity’). I might be wrong about what’s ‘best’, but maybe sometimes it doesn’t matter if you believe.

 My posts on baking cheesecakes and fried rice using woks are already up. I’ve created a couple of videos to go along with these. Both of those posts are pretty wordy.  They are intended to close to complete passes through their subjects. Other posts will be, I hope, interesting and a little shorter as well. 

 What’s next? New posts will expand on cheesecakes (original recipes), cooking with a wok (veggies, noodles, meats) and fried rice (my ‘special’ pineapple fried rice and more). 

 I think it would be fun to document my learning process over time for some things I have been interested in trying to make for a long time. Petit fours. Spumoni. Rasmalai.

 Product reviews. My new cold brew coffee set up is one I have in mind.

 Recipe reviews. Especially if I think I have a worthy variation.

 I think I will document, from seed, my hot pepper garden this year.

 All sorts of stuff, hopefully you'll find it to be good stuff.


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